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"We know computers and accounting"
Accounting By Computer specializes in the selection, setup, training and support of accounting software. We encourage business success by helping you obtain the information you need in order to make sound business decisions.
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Save Time:
Get a FAST START - We can save you time and frustration by getting your company's computer accounting system setup quickly and efficiently. No false starts. No worry over entering beginning balances. We can help you determine the best way to get your records up to date and keep them that way. And, we can save you time when initiating a new system by using the import feature to quickly enter large lists of customers and vendors
Save Money:
Avoid trial and error by getting ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING. Classroom training is sufficient for establishing an overview of software accounting systems. But, our one-on-one training will show you what you need to know using your own company's data on your own computer. One-on-one training will help you get the maximum results in the least amount of time.
Avoid Mistakes:
We provide QUALITY SUPPORT to answer your questions. We can provide the help you need no matter what stage your system is in, whether you are just starting, need help fixing a mess, or just need a check up. Support is available at your office, over the phone or via modem. Our response time is quick so you don’t have to wait for answers to your important questions
What Are You Missing?:
Do you ever wonder if you have missed something? Is there an easier way? Our goal is to help you SIMPLIFY YOUR BOOKKEEPING. We’ll show you the easiest way to get the information you need. There are often several ways of doing the same thing - find out which one works best for you!
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